Gaming, Production & Management

What started as a a multi-gaming community quickly evolved into more. All of our members all have gathered together to game together and build lasting friendships. At The Void, everyone supports everyone. We live community.

Perks & Features

Available to all of our members, free of cost, free of obligation.


Our main interest is to create a community that fits together perfectly to spend many successful gaming hours together.

Step up your stream

with The Void.

Zero cost, zero obligation

It's called a team for a reason. No contracts, no confusing policies. We work with you, free of contracts and costs. To fund new features, we launch collaborative surveys and fundraising goals to move forward together.

Professional Moderation

Professional content and chat moderation on various channels with a total of over 50k+ followers speak for themselves. We moderate your chat responsibly.

Innovative solutions

We support Twitch and YouTube streamers with guides, graphics and general assistance. No matter if small IRL stream or big events. We stand with advice and action to the side, providing uplink, connection and servers.

Security & Privacy

The internet can be a dangerous place. We help you to protect your privacy in the best possible way. So that you remain safe at all times. We'll provide a valid postal address, email address as well as a mobile number, if desired & required.